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“I hold a vision... 

... that one day, the whole of humanity realizes it is awakening to its true identity; 

That in that realization, we are led to consider and act upon the truth that the earth,

and all things upon it whether animal, mineral, plant, or human is sacred; 

That in that experience, we become one family, living as one evolved species and unified through love.”                 

In service,

Rev. Marcy Roban, Interdenominational Minister and

Founder, One World Movement


      I  Envision...

   that we create and live in a world where there is no thing which separates us as a humanity;

   that all people of the world create a common vision of sustained peace;

   that fear, disguised as anger, rage, greed, separation, avarice, control, anxiety, judgment, worry, resentment, jealousy, and shame, be replaced with understanding, acceptance, peace, humility, gratitude, honesty, freedom, joy, abundance, integrity, impeccability and love;

   that children be raised with respect, love, nurturing and balance;

   that all domination be replaced by individual dominion;

   that every race, religion, gender, culture, and belief  be understood as the many facets of God, and as such, be accepted and respected for its diversity and its reason for being;

   that all polarity expressed as a sense of separation, (i.e. of superiority and inferiority, of having and not having, of better or worse, of winning and loosing, of good and bad), be understood as evolving perception and that as we integrate these aspects within ourselves, that integration will be reflected in the world;

   that every planetary inhabitant understands and lives by the law that to judge or harm another is to judge or harm oneself;

   that the ‘armed services’ be replaced with a ‘service corps’, replacing guns and defense with the desire to assist their country and serve its people;

   that understanding, negotiation, forgiveness and compassion becomes the rule of thumb;

   that world leaders of all nations big and small come together to find solutions to world matters - including poverty, health, and the environment with a focus on oneness, betterment and upliftment for all of humanity;

   that the concept of economic 'trade' shift from greed to service, as countries exchange products and knowledge to better serve one another and themselves;

   that human consciousness understands and lives by Universal (God’s) Laws, and not have to resort to laws based on control, which are made as a result of  man’s fear;


   that there are educated leaderships which understand the Unified Field of Natural Law (which administers the infinite diversity of the universe with perfect order), and apply those principles in leadership; 

   that governments will not send man to kill in order to prove that it is right; that individuals will not resort to killing in order to prove their righteousness.

   that each individual take responsibility for the healing of the earth… it’s oceans, forests, and atmosphere;

   that governments, companies and people release the control-based, win/loose mentality and embrace a concept wherein all are equal, and all win;

   that the world media shift its coverage to one wherein the fundamental goodness of man, the positive solutions, and the room for change is honored above all other perspectives; and where exposing those who abuse our resources, threaten our planet or our sustenance, our human rights and freedoms are divulged;

   that humanity respects the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms, by developing an awareness of the  innate properties of each and the inherent roles which they play in the bigger picture;

   that all people, regardless of sex, economic status, education, color or beliefs are treated with equal respect and honored as a part of the human race;

   that the base-operative modality of "taking", be it from the earth or from each other, by way of business or relationships, be replaced by the gratitude of  "receiving", and that "giving back" becomes the  norm;

   that the laws of physics are understood as the basis for the lives we create -  one such example being that focusing on the negative of anything, will only amplify and prolong its stay, and that doing that which is good will do the same;

   that through the evolution of world leaders and local governments, they gather together to create the changes in the educational systems which will help emerge a society which realizes the best potential for the future of the human adventure;

   that as part of the educational changes brought about by more evolved world leaders, citizens are encouraged to think in global terms, for the good of all;

   that each planetary being looks within and brings forth the courage and willingness to make personal changes for the better, and commits to his unconditional alignment to integrity, truth, goodness, wholeness, healing, forgiveness, empowerment, and love;  

   that each individual make the appropriate choices and take the appropriate actions which are vital to an emerging society;.

   that through prayer, word, and deed, we become spiritually awake, and in that open-heartedness, people from around the world support each other in fulfilling their highest dreams, as we share resources, collaborate on projects, and create a commerce based on trust and gratitude;

   that each planetary being lives his life by following his Spirit, known only through the heart, and not through all that lies outside of the heart, and that the brain be understood as a matrix and an organ which serves to follow the Spirit;

   I envision the peoples of every country supporting these visions;

   I envision world leaders supporting these visions;

   I envision the world media supporting these visions.


Copyright July, 2001


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