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This visual of Planet Earth symbolizes a visionary one-planetary civilization that transcends all  

religious, sectarian, factional, ethnic, political, nationalistic, economic, conceptual and cultural structures  

which presently divide us.  

From this perspective, there is only oneness.



 One planet, One race, One people



A non-profit organization 




OWM Consists of an International Brotherhood of Organizations which:


serve as stewards of the earth      advance human consciousness      promote growth and healing      

   assist with the needs of its people      support  freedom 

   protect the animal kingdom      educate in areas of human and spiritual potential



 Mission Statement  



  Personal and planetary peace, healing, freedom, equality, balance and love is   our birthright.


OWM furthers the awareness of these truths, and serves as a non-sectarian planetary movement dedicated to the union of the human species through the collective consciousness of organizations whose intent serves a higher order   - including social justice, human and animal rights, protection of the environment and sustainability.








Organizations that become  Global Partners of OWM form part of the collective consciousness which supports life,wholeness and goodness in all of its forms through service.  

  There are no followers in OWM.  All are leaders.  Each organization works for the survival and improvement of the planetary condition.  Global Partners of OWM are known as "Rainbow Warriors"*.  They are organizations whose agenda is to take the appropriate actions which serve their goals and better the whole.

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* Rainbow Warriors 



Relates to the prophesy that when the Earth becomes desperately sick, people of all colors and faiths will unite and rise to face the overwhelming challenges with insight, honesty, caring, sharing and respect, and stand for these things with their hearts and works.


~ They are now taking their positions in this transitional time for earth and its inhabitants ~


As Global Partners, these organizations which focus on a different aspect of planetary healing, and which bond under the banner of brotherhood and service, together create a "unified field" of intent that is dedicated to providing a template wherein equality, upliftment, freedom, healing, and peace for all is the norm. 

The synergy of this intent shall create an energetic impetusforming a collective of heart-based living. Holding this group intent shall help support mass consciousness in its evolution from un-conscious creation, toward becoming   conscious creators, living upon and respecting a rich and giving planet, and respecting one another as a human family.

As this occurs, we will not be identified as a race, a religious affiliate, a citizen of acountry, or a being of a particular sex, but instead, we will identify with ourunity as a planetary family and planetary citizens - with respect for, and acknowledgement of - our strength in diversity.  For true power lies not in its numbers, but in the diverse skills and resources of its members who work for the whole.



This movement is inspired by the breath of God, and acted upon by the

heart and action of man and shall provide:  




Greater global awareness of a collective of organizations whose work inspires us to create a planetary community based on mutual acceptance, responsibility, understanding, support, healing, forgiveness and love. 






*     Provide an international networking platform for the Global Partners in order to achieve joint shift-momentum through the actions of the collective.


* Create cross-promoting media campaigns to inspire, inform and re-address current planetary conditions; to provide mass awareness of the activities of the Global Partners and encourage support and alignment to their endeavors; and to individual and planetary healing. 


* Establish        multi-disciplinary holistic health centers worldwide (to be called "The Light House") wherein alternative and allopathic health-education studies and treatments will be provided.





Board of Directors


The Board of Directors is called  The Council of Guardians.  Each Global Partner, guardian of some aspect of planetary or human upliftment, selects a representative of their organization to participate in OWM's Annual Conference, held in different host countries.  They shall help guide OWM's steps and help support its goals. They are also responsible for making sure that the organization remains true to its mission, safeguards its assets, and operates in the public interest.

Contact us: inquiry@oneworldmovement.org 




Supporting funds   are derived from private and corporate donations, grants,  foundations, and fund-raising events. Please contribute your tax-deductible (in U.S.)   donation.

   Donate here.  ONE moves the whole.




  • - the momentum created by     the Global Partners'  dedication to the betterment of human, animal and
  •    planetary     conditions, 
  •   - the understanding of the   principles of love and the awareness of a higher order and consciousness,   
  •   - taking the actions of a spiritually-evolved species,      

  ...the concept of peace and   oneness permeatesall races, creeds, and cultures, and  helps to support the unification ofour planetary family.  OWM is dedicated to these ideals by bringing   global awareness of the organizations whose works support all life.    


  The tangible result of these   efforts will be the establishment of multi-disciplinary Holistic Health   Centers, "The Light House", merging holistic, alternative and allopathic   healing modalities, in all  continents.  The first will be built in   Florida, U.S.





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